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“April War 2016” website is launched

Untitled-5“Armses” scientific-educational center” NGO as well as Center for Strategic Research of Yerevan State University have launched the “April War 2016” website (www.april2016.am).

The website is dedicated to the Armenian-Azerbaijani clashes on April 2016, the current stage of the Armenian-Azerbaijani war as well as to the life stories of the fallen Armenian servicemen. Through Q&A section the website gives answers to most vital questions about the recent developments in the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the roots and causes thereof as well as possible ways of resolving it. Some important pieces of advice is given relating the role of civilians in case of full-scale war.

You can find analytical stuff, such as articles, interviews, chronology, explaining the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict and strategic concerns of the Armenian side. The information provided can be useful both for Armenian and foreign audience.

The website also contains an Azerbaijani page which answers the questions the Azerbaijani audience often asks from the Armenian side. In order not to overload the website technically, the mentioned page is available only to the Azerbaijan-based users.

The content generation process was made possible by the ““Armses” scientific-educational center” NGO due to grant competition announced by the Youth Foundation of Armenia in the scopes of a grant program awarded to NGOs by the administration of President of the Republic of Armenia. The creation, technical and security maintenance of the website are being carried out by the “Locator” CJSC free of charge.

Currently, the works are ongoing on updating the website. It is envisioned for the future to continue posting the personal stories of fallen servicemen, as well as analytical material and chronology.

The raw material comprising the main content of the “April War 2016” has been collected during field trips in the respective military units of the Defense Army of the Artsakh Republic and the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia. The family members of the fallen servicemen as well as prominent experts have also been interviewed.