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The Karabakh problem

Hovhannisyan N.,


In this second, revised edition structural changes are introduced and the framework of the questions under discussion is widened as compared with the first edition of 1999. The attention is focused on the reasons of forcibly attachment of  Karabakh to Azerbaijan, to a state, which did not exist in history as a state until 1918, and which was a violation of self-determination right of Karabakh Armenians. The author emphasized the importance of news approaches to the resolution of Karabakh conflict taking into account new political military and legal realities it also underlines the lawful right of this ancient Armenian for union with motherland Armenia or for state independence.
In a special chapter the author reviewed and evaluated several variants of the Karabakh conflict resolution proposed by different international organizations policy makers or scholars including the last suggestions made in the framework of the OSCE Minsk group.