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Why Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan cannot coexist

Mkrtchyan Sh.,


This unique work tells about the nightmare of 70 years of Nagorno-Karabakh Armenians under the Azerbaijani yoke. Forceful facts, personal observations, and hundreds of unpublished top-secret documents allowed revealing the stern policy of ethnic discrimination against the Armenians of Artsakh-Karabakh, openly pursuing a single aim-to cleanse Karabakh of Armenians.
The life of the Karabakh Armenians is presented as it was reality. In this respect, the work acquired a quite new publicist shade of new methodological approaches and an unprecedented scientific, ideological political bias. The work has a power based on facts to favour the settlement on the problem of Artsakh and to reveal the falsifications of Azerbaijanis. In fact, tremendous work has been done. An abundance of facts and arguments put down in a fiery language is an exceptional in phenomenon in the sphere of Artsakh studies.