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Strateg 1(1)

20180820_123620Digest of annual republican conference jointly organised by the Scientific Laboratory of Strategic Research and Centre for Information Security 1(1)

Approved for publication by the Scientific Council of the Institute for Armenian Studies of Yerevan State University

Editorial board
Simonyan A. H. (NAS RA Associate Member, Doctor of History, Professor, YSU)

Melkonyan A. A. (Doctor of History, Professor, NAS RA Academician, NAS RA),

Keryan G. M. (Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, YSU),

Bocharov V. V. (Doctor of History, Professor, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia),

Safrastyan R. A. (Doctor of History, Professor, NAS RA Academician, NAS RA),

Petrosyan D. V. (Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor, YSU),

Hovsepyan M. M. (Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor, YSU),

Melkonyan R. H. (Candidate of Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor, YSU),

Jamalyan D. V. (Candidate of Psychological Sciences, YSLU),

Hovhannisyan A. K. (Candidate of Science in History, MoD RA)

The articles published in “Strateg 1(1)” are submitted in the Armenian language with Russian and English summaries.


Anna Babayan – A Myth By The Azerbaijani Historiography: “Genocide in Khojaly”

Anush Amirbekyan – The Process of Unification of The Armed Forces of Nagorno-Karabakh (June, 1991 – May, 1992)

Erik Davtyan – The Comparative Analysis of The Artsakh Issue: Explaining The Essence of The Conflict

Artsrun Hovhannisyan – The Role of UAVs in Modern Warfare

Serob Bazikyan – Military Art of Zhuge Liang

Edgar Elbakyan – Combat Role of Defense Army’s Military Unit 23524 in April 2016 War

Vladimir Poghosyan – The 4th Defense Region of The Defense Army During The April War

Varuzhan Geghamyan – “Age of The New Reis”: Personality Cult of R.T. Erdogan in Modern Turkey

Victor Bocharov – History and Anthropology: New Horizons

Edgar Elbakyan – Turkey-Egypt Relations in The Context of The “Arab Spring”

Alvina Aghababyan – The First Responses of Karabakh Movement in The Soviet All-Union Press

Samvel Martirosyan – The Possible Hacking Potential of Azerbaijan

Davit Jamalyan – On The Objective Terms Describing The Conflict With Azerbaijan[:]